Friday, October 12, 2012

I should've been a children's author

Lately I've been noticing how hilarious some of Harrison's toys are. A few examples:

-he has this cool train (haha cooltrain..coltrane..i digress) where you place alphabet blocks on the side of the train and it reads it back to you. For example, "A is for Apple. A, A A." Then it makes a sentence using the words that represent the letters. The one that cracked me up was when we put C and D next to each other. "C is for Car. C, C, C. D is for doll. D, D, D. The doll is driving the car." Watch out. Somewhere a doll is driving a car.

-He has a toy ipod and the songs on it are pretty awesome. My favorite is this line. "Opposites are lots of fun. In and out, up and DON." Yes the opposite of up is in fact down. But that doesn't rhyme with fun, so they pronounced it don. Also since when are opposites lots of fun? Now I know what we're doing this weekend- thinking about how cool opposites are!

-Another toy has a song about counting which says, "I love counting, counting in my chair." It makes me crack up picturing a kid just sitting in a chair, counting and having the time of his life.

-But nothing compares to children's books. Here is one of Harrison's favorite books, "Hello, Bugs" in its entirety:

Hello, Ladybug!
Hello, Caterpillar!
Hello, Bee!
Hello, Grasshopper!
Hello, Dragonfly!
Hello, Spider!
Hello, Snail!
Hello, Worm!
Hello, Beetle!
Bye-Bye, Butterfly!

the end. Were you able to follow along with the plot? Wish I woud've thought of this. Maybe I missed my calling as a children's book author...