Friday, October 12, 2012

I should've been a children's author

Lately I've been noticing how hilarious some of Harrison's toys are. A few examples:

-he has this cool train (haha cooltrain..coltrane..i digress) where you place alphabet blocks on the side of the train and it reads it back to you. For example, "A is for Apple. A, A A." Then it makes a sentence using the words that represent the letters. The one that cracked me up was when we put C and D next to each other. "C is for Car. C, C, C. D is for doll. D, D, D. The doll is driving the car." Watch out. Somewhere a doll is driving a car.

-He has a toy ipod and the songs on it are pretty awesome. My favorite is this line. "Opposites are lots of fun. In and out, up and DON." Yes the opposite of up is in fact down. But that doesn't rhyme with fun, so they pronounced it don. Also since when are opposites lots of fun? Now I know what we're doing this weekend- thinking about how cool opposites are!

-Another toy has a song about counting which says, "I love counting, counting in my chair." It makes me crack up picturing a kid just sitting in a chair, counting and having the time of his life.

-But nothing compares to children's books. Here is one of Harrison's favorite books, "Hello, Bugs" in its entirety:

Hello, Ladybug!
Hello, Caterpillar!
Hello, Bee!
Hello, Grasshopper!
Hello, Dragonfly!
Hello, Spider!
Hello, Snail!
Hello, Worm!
Hello, Beetle!
Bye-Bye, Butterfly!

the end. Were you able to follow along with the plot? Wish I woud've thought of this. Maybe I missed my calling as a children's book author...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

First haircut

As you saw in the other pics, Harrison's hair was getting pretty long. What you couldn't see was that the back was getting kindof mullet-ish. So after finally convincing Josh (he wanted to keep it long), we took him for his first haircut today!

We went to this kids haircut place and it was super cute. The chair choices were a jeep, airplane and a boat. The boat looked smallest so we went with that one. For about 2 minutes Harrison thought it was cool to be sitting in a tiny boat getting to turn the steering wheel and watch cartoons. But the novelty quickly wore off as he realized he was going to have to be still while a stranger tried to hold his head still, all while scissors are in his face. By the time she got out the buzzer/trimmer thing to shave his little neck and behind his ears (which I have to admit was adorable but, come on, is that really necessary for a one year old?) he was DONE. Started freaking out and crying really hard, I think because the noise startled him. And also because he was tired of sitting still so long (and by long, I mean probably 5 minutes). Something about him freaking out so much over something like getting a haircut made Josh and I laugh so hard. Oops, sorry buddy.

Although he was traumatized, his little haircut looked adorable. Hoping next time will be a little more fun!

before pic with dad

getting ready to start. pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen

getting his hair did


ok, that's better :) 

other happenings

Here are some other pics lately:

Out for a walk one day. He looks deep in thought. 

The scrunched face makes me laugh and it shows off how long his hair was getting

Saw this costume at Old Navy one day. Couldn't resist trying it on. (And notice his big teeth peeking through!)

We made a Labor Day beach trip to hang out with G-Pa. He really wants that tea

Be still my heart...

Got a train for his Bday and loves it!

Learned how to unroll the toilet paper. Hours of fun :)

Let him try coloring for the first time (scribbles made Nana)...

...and he decided to color his face of course. Hello baby Joker

Campus update

We started things up on campus at the beginning of August. We always kick off the school year with our leadership retreat where we train Bible study leaders, pray together and seek God's direction as we approach another year ministering to UNC. It was so weird not being there last year so, for many reasons, we were excited to be joining everyone this time around!

Josh was very busy getting to know the students and leading different seminars. Harrison and I were able to join everyone for meals and a few other things so we got to know some students as well. We hold this retreat at the beach so we also got in some beach time between things. Harrison enjoyed having 3 sweet kids (Miles and Emme's kids who are on our staff team) to play with!

the O'Neills brought their kiddie pool, such a great idea!

Harrison and his buddy Hudson

On one of our grocery runs. He couldn't decide which steering wheel to use

Once we got back from the retreat there was a full week of welcoming freshmen and doing various outreaches and community events for the campus. The first Friday after classes started we had our annual Hoedown. Harrison enjoyed meeting new college friends and eating hushpuppies! 

About to head out for the freshman picnic!

Decided after a summer of no shoes to try some out. Baby feet in shoes are adorable. 

With my sweet boy at the hoedown!

And then a few weekends ago we headed to Camp Dixie (in Fayetteville, NC) for Fall Retreat. Josh was in charge of the whole thing and did a great job. 200 students came which was so exciting! There was a long carpeted hallway near where we had our meetings and Harrison would just push his walker toy (what do you call those things?!) up and down over and over. Great way to practice walking! And he was snuggled by lots of students of course. One student joked that they should attach a camera to Harrison's head and make a video of all the girls coming up to him making funny faces at him. Hope there's a way to make that happen because it would be hilarious. 

Precious picture during worship

A great pic one of the students took

We are excited about another year of ministry at UNC! Josh will be leading both a freshman study and a junior study (amongst lots of other responsibilities) and I'm leading a junior study as well. We'd love for you to pray for these groups, that all who come would grow in their faith! What an honor to get to do what we do. 

Harrison's first Braves Game

On the way back from our trip to Florida we surprised my mom with Braves tickets for her birthday. It was Josh and Harrison's first time at a Braves game. We had a great time even though it was super hot and Harrison was very squirmy.

An excited Nana and grandson

Another kid sitting next to him gave him a sticker

And guest services (where we had to store his stroller) hooked him up with a tomahawk 

Florida trip

Every two years my mom's side of the family has a family reunion. At the end of July we went to Destin, FL and hung out with 65 family members. It's always so fun to see everyone!

Harrison had a great time meeting lots of new faces! Here are a few pics:

Supporting the US of A with his swim trunks from Nana

Family pic

Sleepy Harrison with cousin Hope

Playing a dice game called Farkle in the water. I don't know why I'm making that face. 

Old Man Face

Here come a bunch of posts to update you on Harrison (why can't I update this more often?!)

Harrison is doing great! Lately he's been learning how to eat all kinds of table food. Right now he seems to like pretty much any carbs, cheese, bananas, applesauce and no vegetables whatsoever. He get it from his mama! He loves pizza, lasagna, Chick-fil-a fries and the occasional grilled chicken nugget. One time he ate an entire piece of pizza. I couldn't believe it. We tried giving him an oatmeal cream pie (at the suggestion of his G-Pa) and he destroyed it. Ate the whole thing really fast. So he also loves his desserts!

About a month ago one of his doctors suggested we try some reflux medicine (he was still only taking bottles when sleeping). It seems like it is helping him have more of an appetite and he's begun taking bottles while awake this week- finally!

He's pulling up alot and taking steps from side to side. He's walking with a toy that he pushes so hopefully it wont be long before he's walking with no help at all!

He's babbling alot but not much that we can discern. He says "da da" "ma ma" "baby" (but not when looking at a baby so he doesnt know what it means), "clap" and his physical therapist thought she heard him imitating me saying "chicken." I was skeptical but maybe he did.

And, here is why this post is called Old Man Face. There were a few weeks this summer where he would make this face all.the.time. What a funny guy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pics lately

Josh just did a great update letting you know how the last year has been for us. So perfectly describes this journey we've been on.

But you need pics of Harrison too! Here is an update since we got home in October. Grab a seat and something to drink...this is gonna take awhile :)

The first pic of all 3 of us at home

Harrison's first Halloween

Seeing his beautiful face without the cannula! He got off oxygen in mid November. Right before...

His first Thanksgiving! Hanging out with Gammy.

He took some naps at Nana's house

And snuggled with G-Pa

Spent lots of time in the Baby Bjorn

And took lots of naps in his bouncy chair

He loved his Christmas present from Papa Q and Granny- a swing! (They got to visit before Christmas but I can't find any pics!)

Before we knew it, we were celebrating his first Christmas!

And at the end of the month he turned 5 months.

In January it was time to try rice cereal (not a huge fan)

Cutie in a plaid shirt

Stole many hearts on Valentine's Day

Chilled in the Bumbo while watching Baby Einstein (the part with puppets makes him laugh)

On his 7 month bday at the end of February

He cheered on the Heels during March Madness

And kept being such a smiley guy!

In April he had his first beach trip (and had to get these cool shades for the trip!)

On Easter we got to all go to church together for the first time. Yay for cold season being over!

In May he tried lots of new baby food. And got it all over himself. And us.

With my sweetie on Mother's Day

Took in a baseball game with Nana

And took another trip to the beach. Loved splashing in the water.

Drinking tea with G-Pa at the beach.

And before we knew it, he was 11 months old. Loves playing with Daddy!

He started pulling up on anything he could get his hands on. (I love his expression here. "Oh no, I'm busted!")

In June he was baptized, with Spanky's to celebrate afterwards.

He seemed really sad this month. 

Josh's first Father's Day. Harrison is so lucky to have this guy for a dad!

Big guy in the high chair. Probably got a bath after this. 

In July we went to Kansas to see the fam! He learned to climb steps, clap and wave while we were there!

Harrison's first Fourth 

Everyone got to come to Concordia for a few days and we took family pics!

After we got back from Kansas, Harrison joined a soccer league 

And on July 30th we celebrated Harrison Cole Smith's first birthday (with Brixx of course). So grateful to God for this day!!

Congrats if you made it to the end of this post! Now I'll try not to just post every 5 months! Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for this little boy. We are so thankful!!