Sunday, July 10, 2011

You know you're preggers when...

This has been a blog post swirling in my mind for quite some time and finally I'm getting it out there to you. All 5 of you that read this. So here you go. How you know you're preggers...

-you lose your mind. Friends had warned me about "pregnancy brain" and how you'll become so forgetful when you're expecting. Wow, is it true! My favorite example so far is that I ran the dryer for 2 FULL CYLCES with nothing in there. Also can't count the number of times I've walked into a room and have no clue why I went in there. Hey, what am I writing about again?

-you experience crazy emotions. Also warned about this one, that I may begin to cry at very odd things. Hmm, by odd do you mean tearing up whenever you hear "Marry Me" by Train? How about crying at True Grit? Or, my personal favorite, getting emotional when looking at a children's book (gift for Harrison) that had a cartoon drawing of a kid in a wheelchair. Seriously, I started crying over that one.

-you have really bizarre dreams. I have a ton of these each night and they're always pretty vivid and super wacky. My latest weird one was that I was at the doctor's office explaining there was an event coming up I wanted to go to and REALLY wanted Harrison to get to go to, you know, not in my womb. The doctor explained that even though I was only 25 weeks it was no problem. They could deliver him, I could take him to this event, and then they would just put him back in for the rest of the pregnancy. WHAT?!!

Another dream that Josh reminded me of was that I woke him up in the middle of the nigh recently telling him I thought our house was on fire. Being woken up out of a dead sleep he was obviously alarmed and I ran to cut the lights on. I had dreamed that smoke was coming out of our fan. But nope, no flames, no fire. Just a weird dream.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to add to the list, but those are a few funny moments for now!

Week 24ish

Here's the latest belly shot! The first time I went to the doctor they said I'd start a new week of my pregnancy on Mondays, but they have changed that a couple times. So here is my belly today, somewhere between 24 and 25 weeks! And as you can tell, I was inspired by Tom Cruise in Top Gun (see post below) and bought some aviator sunglasses. Ok, not really. I had already bought them a few weeks before :)

Summer in Colorado

We are 3 weeks into our summer in Colorado. Hard to believe our time here is halfway over! Here's a brief rundown on what we've been up to lately...

-Enjoying the beautiful scenery. I've been doing that by sitting in a chair in the park. Josh has been doing so by playing lots of disc golf. Haven't made it on a hike yet, but let's be honest, if I get winded climbing stairs these days, maybe a hike isn't in my future.

-Rockies game. My mom came in town for a long weekend and we decided to spend part of the time in Denver. It's such a cool town, particularly this one street downtown with lots of cute shops and restaurants. We made sure to hit up a Rockies game too and it was alot of fun!

downtown walking street in Denver

already sweating profusely I'm sure

at the game!

-Eating lots of good food. The place where we're staying has no oven. Although we are so thankful for this place (it really is great!) it is a good excuse to check out the awesome food Ft Collins has to offer. Let the record show, I did bring a crock pot and have burners to use so technically I can cook. I just haven't felt super motivated to do so :) We've gotten to go on some fun dates and hang out with friends, all over some great meals. For the record my favs are Austin's (steak place where I had the best french dip of my life. Or maybe I was just starving?), Ingredient (great salad/sandwich place. It's a chain so hopefully there will be one built in Chapel Hill by the time we get home), Coopersmith's (a staff favorite and the reason we couldn't name our kid Cooper) and the Silver Grill (bfast place where I had Cinnamon Roll French Toast. And then I immediately got diabetes.)

-Red Rocks. I'd heard about this place but had never been there. It's an outdoor amphitheater (yep, had to spell check that one!) in the mountains where they have concerts. And it is gorgeous! Concerts there are expensive so we knew we wouldn't go to see that, but we found out they were showing Top Gun there for pretty cheap. So we headed over to watch an 80s movie with 6,000 of our closest friends (ok, we really only knew 8 of them...). Although it rained and I was really cold for the first hour, it was so cool to get to be there. Also pretty hilarious to sing along to "Highway to the Danger Zone" with that many people.

I think this is proof that my face is swelling. shoot!

Josh on the rocks (haha)

-Class. Well, I didn't really take any pictures in class cause that would be weird. But why we're here is to take seminary classes and we're both loving those. It has been refreshing as always to be challenged in these classes and poured into for a summer. I took Christian Worldview the first 2 weeks and learned the major tenants of different faiths and how to dialogue with those of other worldviews about the Gospel. Can't think of a more relevant thing to be learning on staff! Last week I took a marriage class which was great and very convicting! And tomorrow I'll start up a class about engaging with Atheists. It's been a great way to grow in my walk with the Lord for sure! So thankful we get to be here for the summer!

And with that I'll end my "short" recap of our first 3 weeks here. Ha, I love how I always think it's going to be short and it's not even close!