Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a....

BOY!!! We went to the doctor today for our 18 week checkup and got a detailed ultrasound. It was nerve-wracking as we had to wait more than an hour to get seen. We hadn't gotten to see our sweet baby since 8 weeks, so we were antsy to see what all was going on!

This was one of the best days of my life. We got to see baby's heart, all 4 chambers working away! Saw feet, hands, bones, blood pumping through the little body, and a little profile of the face. The doctor said everything looked great and healthy, and we were so thankful.

And it was pretty easy to tell right off the bat that this little person was a boy! Josh and I both thought it was going to be a boy, mostly just because there are so many boys in Josh's family. But even though that's what we expected, when the doctor said, "There's your son!" the tears started flowing (of course, they would be flowing for a girl too!). It was surreal and amazing to see this little life. I couldn't help but think about Psalm 139 and how true it is that God has indeed knit this little one together. Thank you Lord for this sweet gift!

Here are a few pics we got today of our little guy!

this is a profile shot of his face

close up of the bottom of his foot

butt, legs and, ahem, how we knew he's a boy

another close up of his face

Can't wait til October to meet you little one!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preggo Pics

So far, I haven't done a great job documenting the belly bump. I actually only have 2 weeks documented so far, weeks 13 and 16. I'm hoping that now that I'm really showing, I'll remember to take pics each week to post. But here are the few that I have so far!

Babykins at 13 weeks...

And the bump at 16...

Goodbye jeans that button. Hello stretchy waist pants, shorts and skirts. I think I may never go back, they're so comfy!! More belly pics to come!

And then there were three...

Every time I blog I think, "I'm going to be more consistent this time." I even tried to have something more structured to help me blog more often. My last post was day one of a 30 day, post a different picture with a specific question kind-of-thing. And I only did day one :) oops!

But forgive me if you will, seeing as how I had bad morning sickness the past few months!!! (To clarify, those exclamation points are due to the pregnancy excitement, not how excited I am to have been sick for weeks on end. duh.) We are expecting!! We are thrilled to meet our little one and become a family of three. I'm due on October 24th!

(yep, I peed on that)

(on the day we found out, after I stopped crying from being so happy!)

We found out I was pregnant in late February. I couldn't believe my eyes when I took the pregnancy test and it was positive- so excited! I ran out to the store right away to buy another test just to make sure. We were able to go in at 9 weeks and have an ultrasound. We couldn't see much, but could see the baby's little heartbeat flickering. Such an amazing thing to see. And we have been able to hear the babe's heartbeat a few different times. Sweet music to my ears!

Like I mentioned before, I was feeling pretty sick for awhile. My morning sickness lasted throughout the first trimester and a few weeks after that. Not much sounded good, well except for Chick Fil A and cheese. Glad some things never change :) I haven't had too many weird cravings yet, except for eating peanut butter straight out of the jar on occasion. So far, Josh hasn't had to make too many food runs. Mostly just an Oreo milkshake from the Loop from time to time. Hmm...that sounds good now actually...

Anyways, so excited to finally share the news with the blog world! We'll keep you posted, especially on the big news coming up this Thursday. We find out then if Baby Smith is a girl or boy!!! Our guess is boy but we'll see!