Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Show off

Had to record this story before I forgot it. Yesterday we were in target (picture above was at Sam's but whatever). Harrison was busy repeating everything he heard me say. The cashier said- "wow, he knows a lot of words!" Then she asked him, "what other words do you know?" 

Without skipping a beat he blurts out "VOLCANO!" 

Um, WHAT?! I have never taught him that word. Neither has Josh. To our knowledge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hasn't had any episodes about volcanoes. The mystery remains....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A charleston summer

(Above: our home away from home for the summer) 

Each summer we get to staff a summer project with Cru. Students come to grow in their own faith, learn how to communicate their faith to others and have opportunities to minister in the community. We were so excited to be in charleston for project this time. We went from mid may until the end of June. 

It was such a great summer for our whole family! Josh did Ops (ie operations like handling the finances for the entire project, working with the hotel, etc) and did a great job taking on that job. I was able to co-lead a bible study of 4 students and discipled 2 of those girls. And Harrison had a blast being around 50 college students all the time!

Another added blessing was that there were 3 other families with small children. Having that community of other young moms was great and it was so good for Harrison to be around kids more than he has been in the past. 

Living in a hotel with your toddler for 6 weeks had its challenges of course (stir crazy anyone?!) but overall it was a great fit and we were so thankful The Lord had us there! I'm always reminded of the growth God causes in students even in those short 6 weeks. And we love getting to be a small part of that! 

Here are a few pics of our time in Charleston! 

Our hotel had a pool (score!), here is H ready to swim in his turtle hat!

Art time outside one day 

 First haircut by dad!

One of H's fav things was the dock nearby where he could throw rocks in the water 

Our fav restaurant. We got to go a few times. And now I'm drooling just thinking about it. 

Papa Q and Granny got to visit! Love this pic of them! 

Getting lots of hugs from granny! 

Wearing Papa Q's glasses. Makes me crack up so hard. 

Father's Day. Sure do love those guys. 

Walking through Battery Park with Gammy and G-pa who came to visit too.(nana visited too but I can't find any pics!) 

Getting to have a date night! 

Loved time with all these people this summer! 

My bible study girls! 

Three of my mom friends! 

Hoping we can go back to charleston again next summer! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm still alive

Oh my goodness blog world. I totally abandoned you. Can't believe it's been since FEBRUARY that I've blogged. Rediculous. Here is a smattering of pics from the past 6 months! 

Easter egg hunt with church pals. Still cold enough to wear the wolf hat one last time (sniff, sniff) 

Family pic on Easter Sunday. I'm not sure where Harrison's shoes are.

H and I went to the beach in April. This boy loves it there!!

Sweet little passenger running errands with me.

Went strawberry pickin in may. Strawberry squishing was more like it. 

With my little buddy on Mother's Day. What a joy to be his mama! 

The artist at work 

Hasn't quite mastered the use of markers 

Celebrating Josh's bday with dinner at he Carolina Inn. We couldn't pronounce much on the menu but it was delish! 

So the spring seems like a blur now but that is a super quick recap in pictures. We had a busy summer traveling a lot for work- that'll be in the next post...Hopefully in the next few days instead of 6 months from now!