Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preggo Pics

So far, I haven't done a great job documenting the belly bump. I actually only have 2 weeks documented so far, weeks 13 and 16. I'm hoping that now that I'm really showing, I'll remember to take pics each week to post. But here are the few that I have so far!

Babykins at 13 weeks...

And the bump at 16...

Goodbye jeans that button. Hello stretchy waist pants, shorts and skirts. I think I may never go back, they're so comfy!! More belly pics to come!


  1. Love the bump and the name babykins! Take care of each other! Can't wait to see you two, no wait, three :) in July! Arian

  2. YAY for my Bestie who will be the BESTIE MOMMY!!!! Cannot wait to find out who we are going to be shopping for in an hour! :DDD