Sunday, July 10, 2011

You know you're preggers when...

This has been a blog post swirling in my mind for quite some time and finally I'm getting it out there to you. All 5 of you that read this. So here you go. How you know you're preggers...

-you lose your mind. Friends had warned me about "pregnancy brain" and how you'll become so forgetful when you're expecting. Wow, is it true! My favorite example so far is that I ran the dryer for 2 FULL CYLCES with nothing in there. Also can't count the number of times I've walked into a room and have no clue why I went in there. Hey, what am I writing about again?

-you experience crazy emotions. Also warned about this one, that I may begin to cry at very odd things. Hmm, by odd do you mean tearing up whenever you hear "Marry Me" by Train? How about crying at True Grit? Or, my personal favorite, getting emotional when looking at a children's book (gift for Harrison) that had a cartoon drawing of a kid in a wheelchair. Seriously, I started crying over that one.

-you have really bizarre dreams. I have a ton of these each night and they're always pretty vivid and super wacky. My latest weird one was that I was at the doctor's office explaining there was an event coming up I wanted to go to and REALLY wanted Harrison to get to go to, you know, not in my womb. The doctor explained that even though I was only 25 weeks it was no problem. They could deliver him, I could take him to this event, and then they would just put him back in for the rest of the pregnancy. WHAT?!!

Another dream that Josh reminded me of was that I woke him up in the middle of the nigh recently telling him I thought our house was on fire. Being woken up out of a dead sleep he was obviously alarmed and I ran to cut the lights on. I had dreamed that smoke was coming out of our fan. But nope, no flames, no fire. Just a weird dream.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to add to the list, but those are a few funny moments for now!


  1. So funny! I enjoy reading your posts, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!

  2. These are all so true! I was the very same way. And by the way, I wish pregnancy brain went away after the baby is born but it doesn't. I still blame it for things on a daily basis!

  3. lol, the dreams are crazy. i would dream up crazy like murder mystery type dreams and really feel like they were so good i should record them and make them into a book.

  4. Erin...girl I believe there is always something to some dreams..... just now becoming a follower of your blog I read that maybe God told you it will be "no problem at 25weeks" to have Harrison. You knew it all along it would all be okay and maybe God gave you that to hold onto . :) and now he will be takin care of and watched after till his due date just like your dream :) God is amazing and we will never understand his ways. Harrison is soooo beautiful and such a beautiful gift. We can't wait to meet him. With love,