Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pics lately

Josh just did a great update letting you know how the last year has been for us. So perfectly describes this journey we've been on.

But you need pics of Harrison too! Here is an update since we got home in October. Grab a seat and something to drink...this is gonna take awhile :)

The first pic of all 3 of us at home

Harrison's first Halloween

Seeing his beautiful face without the cannula! He got off oxygen in mid November. Right before...

His first Thanksgiving! Hanging out with Gammy.

He took some naps at Nana's house

And snuggled with G-Pa

Spent lots of time in the Baby Bjorn

And took lots of naps in his bouncy chair

He loved his Christmas present from Papa Q and Granny- a swing! (They got to visit before Christmas but I can't find any pics!)

Before we knew it, we were celebrating his first Christmas!

And at the end of the month he turned 5 months.

In January it was time to try rice cereal (not a huge fan)

Cutie in a plaid shirt

Stole many hearts on Valentine's Day

Chilled in the Bumbo while watching Baby Einstein (the part with puppets makes him laugh)

On his 7 month bday at the end of February

He cheered on the Heels during March Madness

And kept being such a smiley guy!

In April he had his first beach trip (and had to get these cool shades for the trip!)

On Easter we got to all go to church together for the first time. Yay for cold season being over!

In May he tried lots of new baby food. And got it all over himself. And us.

With my sweetie on Mother's Day

Took in a baseball game with Nana

And took another trip to the beach. Loved splashing in the water.

Drinking tea with G-Pa at the beach.

And before we knew it, he was 11 months old. Loves playing with Daddy!

He started pulling up on anything he could get his hands on. (I love his expression here. "Oh no, I'm busted!")

In June he was baptized, with Spanky's to celebrate afterwards.

He seemed really sad this month. 

Josh's first Father's Day. Harrison is so lucky to have this guy for a dad!

Big guy in the high chair. Probably got a bath after this. 

In July we went to Kansas to see the fam! He learned to climb steps, clap and wave while we were there!

Harrison's first Fourth 

Everyone got to come to Concordia for a few days and we took family pics!

After we got back from Kansas, Harrison joined a soccer league 

And on July 30th we celebrated Harrison Cole Smith's first birthday (with Brixx of course). So grateful to God for this day!!

Congrats if you made it to the end of this post! Now I'll try not to just post every 5 months! Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for this little boy. We are so thankful!!


  1. I love this recap!

  2. Love. Can't imagine your family without him! I can't wait to celebrate!