Monday, May 17, 2010

Liquid Holy Spirit

The title of this blog is in honor of Libby Crafton Swenson my old regional director and friend on staff in Colorado. She loves coffee more than I do.

Since we've been here in Sweden I've been enjoying a new form of caffeine. I brought several packs of Starbuck's new instant coffee, Via. It's really good. Better than really good. It's great. On the box it says they micro-grind the bean so it dissolves in hot water. Not a crystal that has been formed in conjunction by some chemicals. So its not flat or twangy on your tongue. Just all natural goodness. And I'm a fan.
I heard good things before, but I never was in a situation that really presented the opportunity. Our current living situation doesn't include a coffee maker, but it does have a microwave. So every morning here includes a solid cup of glory...

Coffee here is crazy expensive... almost $5 for a regular 8 oz. cup at a cafe'. And grounds at the grocery can between $10-12 a bag. Suddenly $0.90 for a instant cup sounds okay by Starbucks.

Leaving for a afternoon of ministry on campus here. Pray for fruit that comes from faith for us today.

- Josh (I guess we need to sign our posts to avoid confusion, although if anyone knows Erin they would know she didn't write this.)


  1. I bought those yesterday to use on project too! Glad they have your endorsement. I've been afraid to try them.

    Erin: "Coffee. Blech."

  2. Josh! Oh my word....reading this site has made my day, although I am a few years late. :) I hope that y'all are doing great and experiencing the Lord in fresh and "liquid" new ways! Love, Libby