Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Home in Sweden

It has been requested by my mom to share where we live.

We have some great housing here in Sweden. It is quiet and cozy. Our group is staying at a hotel complex of 5 buildings. 27 of us are shoe-horned into 6 units. It is clean and accommodating for our time here in Sweden. Erin and I have a little studio room that is about 200 sq. ft. Here are some pics of our set-up.

1- Our front door immediately leads into our closet which is conveniently located next to the fire blanket.

2- Two steps into the place you pass the dividing wall and enter our Living Room / Bed Room / Dining Room. This is where we sleep, 2 twin beds bumped against each other. For the record my bed is the one next to the wall. It is a cot and has wheels. It moves alot so we pinned against the wall and Erin's bed. The real reason for me writing all this is so you all can know the cot is much harder than the bed. I love my wife so I get the padded ply-wood. Strangely, I'm kinda enjoying it.

3- A view from where Erin is facing from the second picture. That door leads into the bathroom. And if you were wondering, we are pretty quite certain everything you see in this room is from IKEA.

4- Same view as picture 3 just panned a little left. Our kitchen and dining room table. With the hallway between the table and the bed. The kitchenette includes 2 cabinets for storage, a small fridge on the bottom left, a small stove top (conveniently holding our cereal boxes). And a small sink directly below the microwave.

5- And in this corner, directly opposite the kitchenette we have a TV we've never watched cause we don't speak Swedish, a table that is holding random belongings that have no home but use consistently like books, make-up bags and electrical devices, along with our luggage tucked below.

6 and 7 - And finally, the bathroom. In fine European fashion they've successfully wedged in this room a full bathroom within about 18 square feet. It is small, functional and...small. Maybe the worst part of the whole set-up is we have to squeegee the floor every time we run the water cause the floor isn't slopped toward the drain.

We've adjusted to the size of the place. It's got everything we need and nothing we don't. And for 6 weeks this is our home, and has begun to feel that way. Honestly, I think this place rivals the North Sunrise Resort we lived in at Clearwater, FL last summer. Mainly because there are a lot fewer bugs.


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  1. Reminds me of those "sample" apartments in the IKEA stores. Duh, Sweden.