Sunday, June 6, 2010

Medieval Times

Sorry for the lack of pics lately..I keep meaning to post about our trip to Stockholm but I need to track down some pictures first so it still has happened. But today we head to our mid-project retreat. We are, randomly, going to Estonia. It's a country across the Baltic Sea from Sweden (yea I'd never heard of it either!). We head to Stockholm today by bus, get on the cruise ship (they might use the term cruise ship loosely here...we'll see!) And head to Estonia overnight by ship. We'll spend tomorrow (Monday) in Estonia looking around the city called Tallin (I probably spelled that wrong).

From what we've heard its a well preserved city where some of the buildings date back to the 800s. What?! We've heard it's a beautiful city that looks like a fairy tale, according to Swedes we've asked. Our American friends who have been said it looks like Shrek. So here we go, fun medieval times ahead! Hope unlike the Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach I'll be able to use a fork and knife at restaurants :)

We'll be back on the blog after we get back Tuesday!


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