Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 2 and 3 Review

First time working on a binkie while feeding.

My first t-shirt.

17 day-old foot and hand prints.

Little hand.

Little hand.

My first bath.

Little foot.

Story time with mom. Dad looks pretty intrigued.

Close-up of the CPAP mask.

Contrast the CPAP with the O2 cannula.

Beautiful wife and baby.

Our favorite card we've received.

During Care Time.

After Care Time.

First time he opened both eyes, day 12.

The long hallway to the NICU. We find ourself praying every time.

Certificate for participating in a lung study.

11 day old foot prints.

His monitor of his vitals.
Green- Heart beats/min
Blue- O2 Saturation %
Yellow- breaths / min

Little Man holding Josh's wedding band.

Harrison's first bath

Harrison's first t-shirt

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  1. Wow! Such beautiful pictures! It is so encouraging to hear that Harrison is continuing to progress. Erin, you look BEAUTIFUL! Just glowing!