Monday, September 26, 2011

From Three to Four Pounds

Well, he did it. We are pretty amazed. 58 days later he has gained 2.5 pounds to round out to an even 4 pounds.

Erin had a good long hold with him tonight and daydreamed with him about going home.

It took him 15 days to go from 3 to 4 lbs. This went really fast. A few more weeks and maybe another pound or so and we might be out of here. It is pretty ridiculous to see so many steps of progress he has taken.

Saturday 9-10: Turned 6 wks old, 33 wks gestation.
9-11: 3# and came off the CPAP mask onto the nasal cannula.
9-12: Nursed for the very first time with Erin.
9-18: 3# 9oz.
9-20: 3#10 oz.
9-23: 3# 12oz. Took his first attempt at a bottle. And in 15 min he tagged a full feed 33ml or 1.1oz.
9-24: 3# 14oz Turned 8 wks old 35 wks gestation.
9-25: 3# 15oz
Today 9-26: 4#!! Moved from his isolate to an open air crib.

He has been eating in 3 ways since last Friday. Nursing with Erin, taking a bottle, or through his feeding tube. It is based on his cues and how alert he is when his care time shows up. All premies go home bottle feeding, because we won't be able to know how much they obtain while nursing.

We are pretty excited about his progress and hopeful for the next month to go quickly.

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