Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harrison Cole Smith

Many have inquired about the origin of Harrison's name. It took us about a month or longer to settle down on a few finalist in the process. Naming your child was harder than I thought it would be. Especially with the last name Smith. Had to be original and different. Couldn't be Joseph or William. Both liked by Josh and both taken.

We both really liked it from the beginning. Neither of us had any direct affiliation with a Harrison we just liked it. So no, Harrison Barnes isn't a direct influence and we will probably have to fight that off until after the Tar Heels win the championship next April.

Basically, we just liked it a little more than a few others. What sold us on the name was when we were having a conversation over dinner in KS last June. The topic came up and my dad informed us that Harrison was a family name on his mother's side. I have 2 older brothers and they have 3 boys between them so all the immediate male family names had been taken. My dad went on to tell me that his grandfather was named Henry Harrison Starkey. Sold.

So we landed the plane on that name real quick after we learned that fact. Shortly after we found some documentation in my dad's files.

Here is a small section of a 5ft document of my family tree on my maternal grandmother's side. My father is Quentin Smith. Not sure why JOSH is in pencil and Abe and Ben got left out there. Sorry bros, ask dad about that one.

And here is a pic of Henry Harrison Starkey with his bride Anna on their 50 year anniversary April 24, 1960.

Cole is a derivative of Erin's maiden name Coltrane. We loved that name too and thought it was very fitting middle name. And it sounds great.

Harrison Cole Smith we are grateful for you.



  1. I LOVE name stories! How sweet! And one day little Harrison can hang that pic up next to a pic of him and his bride (: What a legacy!

  2. guys, I love your blog and have nominated you for an award to drive more people to your site and to PRAYER for you three. Check out your award here.