Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Thanks to this blogger app I just got (and my BFF for telling me about it!) I'm hoping to update more often. And here comes some catch up posting. So lets recap Christmas first!

It was such a fun Christmas! Harrison was 17 months old and at such a fun age for opening gifts and getting excited about new toys. Last year he was just sleeping through it all!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morn with my dad and stepmom and that side of the fam. After lunch we headed to my mom's to celebrate with that side of the family. We had a great time with family laughing, opening gifts and eating great food. H got a desk, building blocks, puzzles, a tunnel to crawl through and a bowling set (to name a few!) Here are a few pics, wish I would've gotten more to capture the day!

Harrison checking out dancing Santa at Lowe's. Not impressed.

His fav ornament on our tree, a sock monkey! 

Sorry so small, but us and Nana at a big ol' tree downtown in Charlotte

H's new desk. Now, get to work!

His super fun tunnel

Christmas morning with my loves

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