Saturday, February 2, 2013


Some important milestones the past few months...

-walking! I'd say that's a pretty big one :) he started taking a few steps in September but was cruising by late October. Right at his "supposed-to-be" birthday. I cried tears of joy over this sweet milestone. And now he is running everywhere!

-in December he finished his physical therapy!! Ok I cried at this milestone too. We knew he was almost done but to hear her say, "he looks great, he doesn't need me anymore" was music to our ears. Here is a pic of H with his pt Susan (she was great but one story that cracks me up is her last visit she called him Michael. Haha huh?!)

-talking so much! Well, a lot of it is still babbling. But some things he is saying lately: mama, dada (been saying those for awhile), blocks, look, bath, book, juice, socks, tickle, peek a boo

-he's also been repeating animal sounds some. Him roaring like a lion, buzzing like a bee and hissing like a snake is so funny

-ok I haven't posted many stats because he's still small and catching up and i try not to compare him to others (which is hard for me not to do). But just so ill remember later- at 18 months now he is 19 lb 10 oz. So close to 20 lbs finally!

-he's right on track for his development for his REAL age, not adjusted. Thankful.

-the last month he's been better at trying more foods (whew, it's taken awhile). He loves Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, regular cheese (lovin the cheese just like his mama), pizza, tater tots, pretty much any fruit, waffles and just any carbs really. He's slowly embracing lunch meat and hot dogs and occasionally chicken tenders. Oh yea he loves yogurt too. And any dessert, duh

-he's learned body parts lately and cracks us up showing off what he knows. He can point to his eyes (but usually he just squints which is adorable!) ears, nose, hair, hands, toes and bellybutton.

-he loves reading books. He goes and grabs one and comes up and crawls in your lap. Love it

-other activities he's into these days (18 mo): building blocks, playing in the bath, taking things in and out of baskets, helping mom with laundry, peek a boo, running back and forth down the hall. Here he is getting busted after dumping out all his baskets of clothes.

What a joy to see this sweet boy grow!

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  1. "he's right on track for his development for his REAL age, not adjusted." Amazing. :)