Sunday, December 29, 2013


Here are a few pics of our sweet guy lately (well, like early fall). 

Chowing down! 

 Got the long haired look going on. 

The new shoes he got for his bday! Matching with mommy and daddy! 

Some have said he looks like a toddler James Bond. 

Nana got him his first magazine subscription. Good ol highlights magazine! 

This has been such a fun age with H, we are really enjoying it. He's talking so much and saying such funny things. A few that come to mind:

-he calls his teddy bear "tebby" (combining teddy and bear)
-he will randomly say things are "delicious" while eating 
-now that it's Christmastime he's been repeating us saying merry Christmas. "Merry Chris-man!"
-whenever he sees the UNC logo he says "ball game!"
-I don't know why but lately after he laughs he sighs and says, "oh my goodness!"
-I think he learned it from a Mickey Mouse episode (which he's still obsessed with) but sometimes he'll just say "that's so tricky!" Um, ok buddy. 

Such a funny boy!

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