Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas continued

Well, it seems forever ago now, but I never finished blogging about Christmas. After our trip across the country we stopped off in Charlotte for a few days with my fam. It was a sped-up Christmas celebration because we had a conference we were headed to the 27th. We spent the 26th with my mom doing presents and having the leftover Christmas dinner my extended family had the day before. Here are some pics (of Christmas, not the food):

Please forgive the hair and makeup and tired eyes. I had just been in the car for 10 hours or so. Although tired, I was excited about my new earrings from mom!

We all got new slippers! And I haven't taken mine off since.

Thought I had more than 3 pics of this but I guess not! One of our traditions with my mom's side of the family is making (and more importantly eating) "Forgotten Cookies" every Christmas. So I was relieved there were some left over for us to have. They're these amazing little meringue cookies. Yum!

The 27th we headed over to celebrate with my dad and stepmom. We ate pancakes (my dad makes THE BEST ever!) and opened our stockings and presents. We got some clothes, gift cards we look forward to using and a really cool picture that spells out Smith with images from Charleston. Hard to explain on here. Anyways after opening presents we headed to a late lunch at one of our favorite places in Charlotte. (Hmm... I'm talking about food alot. No wonder one of my resolutions is to actually go to the gym this year!) Anyways we had a great time and here are some more pics:

That's Sadie our dog. Scoping out my presents. She already had her stocking full of biscuits and bones, but that wasn't enough I guess!

And this was when my dad opened up some UNC basketball tickets we gave him. A little surprised I'd say!

So that was our Christmas! A great time with our families in KS and NC!


  1. i LOVE forgotten cookies!!! no one ever knows what they are! yummmm.

  2. I used to know what they are, but I forgot.. GROAN! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Enjoyed the blog update, Rogue!