Saturday, January 8, 2011

OBX half-marathon

Blog world, I have abandoned you! I think all my posts have begun with me apologizing for not blogging in so long. But two months?! That is ridiculous. (Full disclosure, it took me so long just then to figure out how to spell ridiculous.)

Anyways I'm about to make multiple posts in the hopes of catching you up. So here we go with the first one. As I mentioned, you know like a YEAR AGO when I last posted, Josh was about to run a half marathon....

And, he did it! I could not have been more proud. 13 miles in just over 2 hours! But let me back up. We headed down to the Outer Banks the Friday before (the race was on Sunday, Nov.14). We got a big beach house with a bunch of friends and went to a really good restaurant once we got there. Saturday was a lot of lounging around, watching football and resting up for the big race. Even those of us that weren't running had to rest up. Come on, we had lots of cheering to do :) We did manage to pull ourselves out of the house to hit up the outlets though!

Saturday night we had a dinner full o' carbs to get the runners ready. And Sunday morning at 6am we headed over to drop off the runners. Josh and 5 other friends (plus about 7000 other people!) ran the half marathon.

So here's where the day got interesting. We dropped the runners off and split into 2 cars of "spectators" to drive to different points along the race. First we drove to mile 3 and cheered them on. After that my car decided we didnt want to chance missing them crossing the finish line because we heard we had to take a detour to get to the end point. So we drove the way we thought we should be heading for about 15 minutes until we started wondering where all the other cars were. We finally stopped and asked if we were going the right way. Nope, we weren't and had to hightail it back the other direction.

All that to say, we got to the finish line about 10 minutes before Josh crossed it. We had already missed some of our other friends. But I was SO relieved I got to see Josh finish.

It was such a cool moment to see him run across the finish line! I'll be honest, I even teared up some because I was just so proud of his amazing accomplishment. It was a great weekend with friends and Josh did a great job at his first race. He said he might even do more in the future! As for me, I'll keep spectating.


  1. i'm not sure why i teared up reading about you tearing up about josh's finish line crossing? geez josh, stop making everyone teary. (and good job on the quick finish!!)

  2. Yea for posts!!!

    As for spelling, long ago I started composing all my posts in Word first so I could avoid that stress.