Sunday, June 26, 2011

College World Series

Growing up I was a big baseball fan. My dad coached high school baseball so how could I not be?! In college I went to a few UNC baseball games and have gone some since I graduated. A few years ago I watched the college world series for the first time, and for some reason, thought it would be cool to get to go sometime, if UNC was ever in it.

Well, dream realized! On our way to Colorado for the summer, we went to Nebraska for a few days to spend some time with Josh's oldest brother (we got some good time with the rest of the fam in Kansas too!). We found out his brother had tickets to one of the college world series games and that UNC had made it to the finals this year. After some work on his part, his brother was able to switch the tickets so we could go to the UNC game! It ended up adding another 6 hours on an already 20+ hour trip out west, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go! (It was in Omaha, NE so at least we were in the right state!)

Here are a few pics of our time there. This year it was in a brand new stadium so we got to see that too! Thanks again Abe for getting us tickets!

tarheel flag out front. too bad they lost this game.

the new stadium

I'm sure I was already melting at this point

Abe, Arian and our sweet nephews and niece!

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