Sunday, June 26, 2011

We have a name!

So if you check out my blog, you might already be my friend on facebook. Which means this will not be news to you. But we picked out a name for Baby Smith! The past few months we tossed lots of names back and forth and had it narrowed down to probably 4-5 that we liked, 2 specifically that we kept coming back to.

While we were in Kansas we were telling Josh's family about the names we liked, Harrison being one of them. I'm not sure where we first heard it but we liked it because it was unique, definitely a prerequisite when your last name is Smith. (Gosh, why couldn't Josh just take my last name?!) Anyways, after we mentioned that Harrison was in the running, Josh's dad told us that Josh's great-grandfather was actually named Henry Harrison. So Harrison would actually be a family name from Josh's side!

That pretty much sealed the deal. So we decided to name our son Harrison! It's so fun to call him by name and pray for him as Harrison, not just "buddy" or "baby." And we picked out Cole for his middle name, coming from my maiden name Coltrane. So, Harrison Cole Smith it is. We can't wait to meet this little man in October!

p.s. the way we heard the name Harrison very well may have been from Harrison Barnes. But that's not why we named him that, for the record. I mean I like UNC basketball, but not that much.

p.p.s (who does p.p.s anymore, what am I in middle school over here?!) harry will not be his nickname, if i have anything to do with it :) other nicknames welcomed, but thanks :)

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