Saturday, September 22, 2012

Campus update

We started things up on campus at the beginning of August. We always kick off the school year with our leadership retreat where we train Bible study leaders, pray together and seek God's direction as we approach another year ministering to UNC. It was so weird not being there last year so, for many reasons, we were excited to be joining everyone this time around!

Josh was very busy getting to know the students and leading different seminars. Harrison and I were able to join everyone for meals and a few other things so we got to know some students as well. We hold this retreat at the beach so we also got in some beach time between things. Harrison enjoyed having 3 sweet kids (Miles and Emme's kids who are on our staff team) to play with!

the O'Neills brought their kiddie pool, such a great idea!

Harrison and his buddy Hudson

On one of our grocery runs. He couldn't decide which steering wheel to use

Once we got back from the retreat there was a full week of welcoming freshmen and doing various outreaches and community events for the campus. The first Friday after classes started we had our annual Hoedown. Harrison enjoyed meeting new college friends and eating hushpuppies! 

About to head out for the freshman picnic!

Decided after a summer of no shoes to try some out. Baby feet in shoes are adorable. 

With my sweet boy at the hoedown!

And then a few weekends ago we headed to Camp Dixie (in Fayetteville, NC) for Fall Retreat. Josh was in charge of the whole thing and did a great job. 200 students came which was so exciting! There was a long carpeted hallway near where we had our meetings and Harrison would just push his walker toy (what do you call those things?!) up and down over and over. Great way to practice walking! And he was snuggled by lots of students of course. One student joked that they should attach a camera to Harrison's head and make a video of all the girls coming up to him making funny faces at him. Hope there's a way to make that happen because it would be hilarious. 

Precious picture during worship

A great pic one of the students took

We are excited about another year of ministry at UNC! Josh will be leading both a freshman study and a junior study (amongst lots of other responsibilities) and I'm leading a junior study as well. We'd love for you to pray for these groups, that all who come would grow in their faith! What an honor to get to do what we do. 

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