Saturday, September 22, 2012

other happenings

Here are some other pics lately:

Out for a walk one day. He looks deep in thought. 

The scrunched face makes me laugh and it shows off how long his hair was getting

Saw this costume at Old Navy one day. Couldn't resist trying it on. (And notice his big teeth peeking through!)

We made a Labor Day beach trip to hang out with G-Pa. He really wants that tea

Be still my heart...

Got a train for his Bday and loves it!

Learned how to unroll the toilet paper. Hours of fun :)

Let him try coloring for the first time (scribbles made Nana)...

...and he decided to color his face of course. Hello baby Joker

1 comment:

  1. Scrunchy face! Love it! Have you ever seen the blog "face baby"? It's pretty much just a blog of all of the hilarious faces that this woman's baby makes. Trust me on this one- it can entertain for hours. Love you! I remember how much I miss you every time I read this blog!!!