Saturday, September 22, 2012

First haircut

As you saw in the other pics, Harrison's hair was getting pretty long. What you couldn't see was that the back was getting kindof mullet-ish. So after finally convincing Josh (he wanted to keep it long), we took him for his first haircut today!

We went to this kids haircut place and it was super cute. The chair choices were a jeep, airplane and a boat. The boat looked smallest so we went with that one. For about 2 minutes Harrison thought it was cool to be sitting in a tiny boat getting to turn the steering wheel and watch cartoons. But the novelty quickly wore off as he realized he was going to have to be still while a stranger tried to hold his head still, all while scissors are in his face. By the time she got out the buzzer/trimmer thing to shave his little neck and behind his ears (which I have to admit was adorable but, come on, is that really necessary for a one year old?) he was DONE. Started freaking out and crying really hard, I think because the noise startled him. And also because he was tired of sitting still so long (and by long, I mean probably 5 minutes). Something about him freaking out so much over something like getting a haircut made Josh and I laugh so hard. Oops, sorry buddy.

Although he was traumatized, his little haircut looked adorable. Hoping next time will be a little more fun!

before pic with dad

getting ready to start. pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen

getting his hair did


ok, that's better :) 

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  1. I can look at this child's face all day long and never get bored. HE. IS. PRECIOUS!!