Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good times in Asheville

Last week I went to Asheville for our annual Women's Conference. This is a conference for the staff women in our region. I've often heard it said that Campus Crusade for Christ could also be called Campus Crusade for Conferences, with how many conferences we are always going to. The great thing about this one is that it's a conference the staff women attend without having to plan it. The purpose of it is for women to be refreshed and connect with each other. Although I did help with some of the planning this year, it was still very refreshing. The talks we heard were so great. Our theme was Faith, Hope, Love and different staff women shared what God had been teaching them in those areas.

In addition to being refreshed by the Lord through the talks, it was also a great couple of days to meet staff from our area. I got to room with my good friend Kristin and had quality time with other good staff friends. But I also got to meet some new staff friends, which was really fun. Let's be of the highlights was watching The Bachelor with a bunch of staff girls piled in our room. Usually I watch it by myself with Josh trying to ignore it in the background. So it was really fun to watch it with other women who find it as entertaining as I do!

This year we stayed in downtown Asheville and were determined to try some good local restaurants. We went to Tupelo Honey (which I had heard was really good) one night and Early Girl Eatery (a local recommended it) the next. The were both so good and really eclectic. Here are some pics from Tupelo Honey:

It's a little blurry but this was my meal at Tupelo Honey...meatloaf, mac and cheese, and an orchid for decoration.

A fun night out with (starting left and going clockwise) Teressa, Kim, Kristin, me, Susan and Shannon.

I'm so thankful for my life on staff and it's often at conferences like these that I'm reminded how great it is to live life alongside of "the family" of Campus Crusade! Oh, and Josh survived without me for 3 days! Well, with only one mishap...the first night I was gone he had a lasagna in the oven and ran out to get the mail. Instinctively he locked the door behind him on the way out before realizing he didn't have a house key. And the lasagna was almost done. He ran over to our complex's office to get a key but they were already closed for the day. He finally found a neighbor home and was able to break into our place using a coat hanger. Thankfully neither the lasagna or our house was on fire!

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