Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well hello there Super Doubles

It all began about a year ago. I was at a women's conference with the ministry I work with and one afternoon we had some fun "breakout sessions" we could attend. The couponing one caught my eye. I'd always wondered how people do it and was intrigued at how much money people seemed to save. So I decided to go.

While there I learned the basics of couponing, mostly that there is an awesome site called southernsavers.com that I needed to become BFFs with. I left the seminar hoping I would really do couponing but was skeptical I would keep it up.

Well I'm happy to say a year later I'm still couponing. I actually ended up enjoying it a lot. And, better yet, I really do think we've cut back quite a bit on our grocery bills!

All this to say, I was all too excited when Harris Teeter announced Super Double deals last week. How weird that I am so excited about clipping coupons and finding deals! But I made a pretty good haul last week so I thought I'd share.

Spent: $42
Saved: $36

I'm sure the "pros" do way better than that but I felt like for an amateur like me, that was pretty good. I'll take it! Here's what I got...

I couldn't figure out how to stack it so you can see everything, but trust me it was a lot of stuff. Including chicken and a beef roast which was a good chunk of the price. (I feel really dorky all of a sudden after typing chicken and beef roast. Oh well..)

And this was my best deal

These were buy 2 get 3 free. I forgot the price per pasta but it was really cheap with the deal they had going on.

If you're not a couponer, I'd encourage you to check out the southernsavers website. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! Happy shopping!

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